Why is silence the best revenge?


Why is silence the best revenge?

  • Because Silence is the most powerful weapon to drive away narcissists from your life.
  • Silence means ignoring them, not letting them in again in your life.
  • Silence will lead you to choose to be mature and make peace within yourself.
  • Silence will make you fight with your inner self to choose peace, not revenge.
  • Silence will take your whole life back from their world.

So, here’s a question: What do narcissists do with your silence?

A narcissist will do all in his/her power to get you back, or at the very least, punish you, because silence is a major ego blow to him/her- a narcissist will never stop fighting. So there are some things narcissists do that you should also avoid:

  1. Narcissists become socially active, spying on you on social media.
  2. They will become enraged and will use insults to damage you.
  3. They will blame you.
  4. They may try to pull us back into their lives by live bombing.
  5. They will make you believe he’s changed.
  6. They may use the no contact strategy themselves and practically disappear.

Credit: Teresa Santana via Quora

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